A Loving Start To a Better Future

We pave a better way forward for youth and their families by creating a foundation built on love and empathy.

Resume 4 Life

The Resume 4 Life program aims to serve at-promise youth who reside in high-risk communities in Broward County. These youth are in foster care or living with relatives and are in homes where the income is 100% below the Federal Poverty Line.

Resume 4 Life program model provides intentional services and career exploration to middle school and high school aged youth. The goals of the Resume 4 Life program are to:

Promote activities that help young people explore career pathways

Build job-readiness skills among middle and high school aged youth

Assist young people with obtaining and maintaining  employment that aligns with their career pathway choice

 Promote and create work-related education and training during and after high school.

Healthy Youth Transitions (HYT)

Made for transitioning youth with insufficient familial support, the Healthy Youth Transitions program provides comprehensive, holistic case management, and counseling services that promote independent living skills in a positive youth development framework.

Best Buy Teen Tech Center

Best Buy is a maker’s space for youth ages 12-19 bridging the gap between our communities and technology. The Best Buy Teen Tech Center is a safe place that allows youth to connect, learn, innovate, and improve their lives. We believe that technology can empower people to dream big and accomplish great things. Across the country, many communities lack support and access to the tools and training that can unlock a better future and prepare youth for the challenges ahead.


 Monday to Friday: 11am-7pm

1st and 3rd Saturdays: 11am-3pm





1717 N. Andrews,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311


Our youth are facing unprecedented challenges today – coping with the physical and emotional losses from COVID, incessant gun violence, political unrest.  It is so important to have people to count on to support them through the challenges and to help them recognize the incredible resilience they possess.  Whether you call them mentor, life coach, friend or family, HANDY provides that support for the young people in their orbit.

Youth Force

The Youth Force is year-round programming for middle school age youth to strengthen protective factors by helping youth develop resiliency, a positive outlook, healthy family dynamics, pro-social relationships with peers and adults, positive decision-making skills, strong community attachment, and academic success.


You Can Make a Difference

Every donation, resource, and volunteer makes an exponential positive impact on the lives of our youth. From wishlists to sponsorships, learn about all the ways to support Handy year-round.