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We create more possibilities for youth by giving them the educational and professional opportunities needed to thrive.

Youth Economic Stability Services (ECOSTA Services)

ECOSTA assists youth in attaining economic stability and employment experience by improving their job skills, strengthening their financial abilities, and improving their outlook on life. ECOSTA Services are designed to assist individuals in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in two areas:

Financial Education
Financial Literacy

Training to improve money management skills and personal finance skills for middle school or high school students.

Employment Services

Including but not limited to career counseling, pre-employment services, and paid job placement for individuals who are currently or have been previously involved in the juvenile justice system.

Workforce Development Program

This program serves youth ages 17 to 24 with barriers to employment and education through case management, referral to Workforce Development Program funded services, career pathway planning, employability skills, tutoring, paid work experience, GED preparation, support services, and placement into jobs or post-secondary training.


Education is a precious commodity and not a guaranteed right. My WHY is to ensure this privilege is accessible and available to generations coming behind me.

Handy Scholars Program

The HANDY Scholarship program’s goal is to increase the overall academic success of the post-secondary students. The program provides financial support awarded to students, based on academic achievement. Clients also receive supportive services such as social development, career planning and individualized education plans.

You Can Make a Difference

Every donation, resource, and volunteer makes an exponential positive impact on the lives of our youth. From wishlists to sponsorships, learn about all the ways to support Handy year-round.