Meet our 2024 Scholars

The Scholars Breakfast will be a celebration of “Excellence in Bloom” showcasing the remarkable achievements of Handy scholarship recipients who are graduating from college. It is a testament to their hard work and perseverance, and a reflection of the support system that has empowered them to reach this pivotal moment in their educational journey. Meet our 2024 Scholars below.

Edward is graduating with his Bachelor of Applied Science in Cyber Security from Broward College. Born and raised in the Bahamas, Edward relocated to Florida when he was 13 where his enrollment at a STEM-MED School laid the groundwork for his passion for technology.

Sean is graduating with his Bachelor of Public Management in Public Administration from Florida Atlantic University. While completing his degree he’s working at Moss Construction where he leads initiatives, designs training content, and develops programs that benefit that organization.

Alexa is graduating with her Master of Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. She looks forward to following in her father’s footsteps as a second generation accountant.

Martine is graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Psychology from Florida International University. Her goal is to become a business consultant specializing in the logistics.

Dimitri has completed his Master of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. Dimitri currently works at Handy helping at-risk youth achieve their goals, taking a step closer to achieving his own.

Maikaia is graduating with her Bachelor of Nursing from Florida International University.  Since her graduation, Maikaia has already entered the Nurse Residency in Psychiatry program at Memorial Regional Hospital and plans on completing her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in Mental Health with a dream to become a mental health nurse practitioner and open a clinic.

Marc is graduating with his Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice from Broward College.

Roxana is graduating with her Master of Public Administration from Florida International University. In addition to her degree, she also received certificates in conflict resolution, leadership agility, emotional intelligence, women’s studies, and more, and is set to become a well-rounded public servant.

Ryan is graduating with his Master of Public Administration from Barry University. Ryan is a proud father, brother, uncle and son who will use his MPA to work in city our county government.

Join us as we celebrate our Scholars at the 18th Annual Scholars Breakfast on Thursday, May 30th!