7pm to 11pm

Handy Homecoming: A Gala From Outer Space

We’re taking our annual Handy Homecoming out of this world for an event of cosmic proportions! Join us for an evening of music, fashion, and extraterrestrial extravagance as we raise funds for Handy. 

We are looking for active community members to be part of Homecoming Court and help raise funds for Handy!

Do You Have What It Takes?

All members of the Homecoming Court will be required to:
Fundraise a minimum of $5,000 by Friday, October 4th
Create fundraising opportunities and promote them to their network
Be available for interviews with media, if applicable
Provide a current headshot and brief bio
Attend Handy Homecoming on October 5, 2024 

The individuals who raise the most money will be crowned the Homecoming King and Queen!

To apply, contact Desiree Saunders at dsaunders@handyinc.org or call 954.798.2355