2023 HANDY Scholars

I am the next…fantastic Finance Specialist

Meet our Graduating Scholar Maryann Singer! Maryann’s childhood was unique and diverse, and her value of education have been heavily influenced by her parents who unfortunately have both passed away. Out of love for her parents, she had always worked hard to achieve the highest grades and she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently enrolled in FAU’s master’s degree program and she intends to put her professional knowledge and personal experience to use at a non-profit where she can make a positive impact on the most vulnerable in her community.

I am the next … remarkable Social Worker, and I’ll be there for you!

Meet our Graduating Scholar Acoya Johnson! Acoya’s life has presented her with many challenges, but her life experiences have led her to be the determined, empowered, and innovative individual she is today. Pregnant at 16 she the thought about dropping out of school, but God had other plans for her. She went on to obtain her GED from Atlantic Technical College and Technical High School and in December she graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She has already been accepted into the University of South Florida’s Academic Advising Graduate Certificate program and plans to intern at the Veteran’s Administration for her practicum.

I am the next … Extraordinary Physician!

Meet our Graduating Scholar Ojdre Sutherland! Ever since he was a young child, Ojdre has felt an overwhelming passion for medicine and the need to help others. Despite the struggles and limitations he has faced, Ojdre has made it his duty to get an education and he recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

I am the next…remarkable Academic Leader!

Meet our Graduating Scholar Maxie DeBiso! Maxie entered the foster care system when she was sixteen years old and when she aged out of the system of care she decided to attend Hofstra University where she fell in love with working with college students. Her work with Residential Life, Orientation, Student Government Association, and Hillel organizations led her to discovering a career path that she never considered before. Maxie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies and Political Science, and she is now pursuing a master’s degree in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies.

I am the next… woman with compassion stepping out into the business world!

Meet our Graduating Scholar Charitianna Francois! Charitianna watched her mother not only deal with HIV but fight back and this inspired her to develop an organization that changes the community’s perceptions of HIV. While attending the University of North Florida, she enrolled in several classes that cross over from business administration to business management to help her develop a comprehensive view of how to manage small organizations like the one she hopes to start. Charitianna recently graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Business Administration and she is now one step closer to achieving her dreams.


I am the next… “Ethical Hacker” cyber security professional testing your security defenses!

Meet our Graduating Scholar Edward Pratt! Edward grew up in the Bahamas and when he was 13 years old his parents sent him and his sister to Florida for better educational and job opportunities. His family’s guidance provided a moral grounding and exposure to ethical principles that have been instrumental in his choice of career. While attending Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED school, he joined a computer science-based club where he learned programming skills and was able to meet people who still serve as mentors to this day. Edward is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Broward College and one day hopes to be able to help individuals and companies become more aware of, and protected from, online threats.

“I am the next… exceptionally talented advanced software applications engineer!

Meet our Graduating Scholar Jahi Lewis! Jahi and his father emigrated from Jamaica to Miramar in 2015 to improve his academic opportunities. He was accepted into and graduated from the prestigious International Baccalaureate Program for highly motivated, academically talented honors students at Miramar High School. After graduating from high school, he earned his Associate degree from Broward College and then transferred to Florida International University where he continued to be successful even with several academic, emotional and personal challenges. As he was working toward obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, his father contracted COVID and was constantly in the hospital and could not work. Through these experiences, Jahi learned that discipline, hard work, strong ethics, and determination can take you anywhere you want to go in life.


Join us as we celebrate our Scholars at the 17th Annual Scholars Breakfast on Thursday, May 18th!