Summer Meals

Looking for a way to make a difference this summer? Join us in providing meals to summer campers! There are two ways to support:

Give: Sponsor a Breakfast and/or Lunch
You can choose to sponsor breakfast and/or lunch for the summer campers. Your sponsorship will cover the cost of the meal and ensure that the campers have a nutritious and delicious meal to start their day or keep them going through their activities.

Breakfast – $250 | Lunch – $500

Share: Provide a Meal from a Local Restaurant
If you prefer, you can opt to provide a meal from a restaurant of your choosing. This option not only supports local businesses but also allows you to directly contribute to the well-being of our summer campers. We kindly request that the meal you provide is enough to feed 100 youth, ensuring that every camper receives a satisfying and enjoyable meal.

Your generosity will make a lasting impact on the lives of our campers, fostering their growth, happiness, and success. Together, let’s ensure they have the fuel they need to thrive this summer!


For more information or to secure your commitment, contact Desiree Saunders at