In Loving Memory of Alan Levy

Today Broward County lost a HERO.

Alan Levy who died Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at age 80, he was a pillar of the South Florida community and a champion for equality, children and education.

Alan Levy lived in Fort Lauderdale for more than 70 years and was the founder, president and CEO of Great American Farms, a Pompano Beach-based agricultural marketing firm. He chaired the Broward School Readiness Coalition. He spearheaded efforts to save the Pompano Beach Farmers Market, was a founding member of the Performing Arts Center Authority and was the former chairman and an active member of the Broward Workshop, a nonprofit association of 75 top business executives dedicated to identifying and seeking solutions to Broward County’s most pressing community issues.

Mr. Levy served on many non-profit boards and was an ardent supporter of HANDY, a nonprofit that serves at-risk youth in South Florida. Along with his wife Marsha, the two gave back to the community in countless ways. Alan Levy was invested in helping youth and families to have every opportunity to succeed, focusing primarily on the issues of mental health, physical health, abuse, neglect, drugs, and crime.

His dedication and passion for nonprofit organizations was unmatched. He regularly showed his generosity, compassion and kindness and was a champion for our community. He would walk into any room and challenge the participants to think always of those in most need, those that carry the burden of poverty but filled with promise.

Once he was asked, if he could wave a magic wand and do two things for Broward County, Alan said ‘he wanted to strengthen our educational system from early childhood all the way through the universities’.

Alan said, “Seeing is believing. We can’t just sit here and wait for somebody else to do it. You’ve got to get behind it, make the decision that you’re going to make it happen, believe in it, and have a passion for its success.”

“He advocated with love, inclusion and compassion for the ‘little’ guy. He portrayed Broward County as the beacon on the hill, the place where earning, living and loving was possible. He pushed and pulled us all to acknowledge the value of collaboration. He was a mentor to many and a leader to all. When together in a room, the loving look that he would display in the direction his life partner, Marsha Levy, told all who were present that he adored her and she was his ‘best friend,” said Kirk Brown, CEO of HANDY.

Alan is survived by his wife Marsha, and children Eric Levy and Hope Evans.

In lieu of food or flowers, the family request donations be made to HANDY in the memory of Alan Levy.


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