Charmaine Borda

Dr. Charmaine Borda is the Clinical Director and CEO of The Blue Couch, Inc., where she provides a myriad of traditional and non-traditional therapeutic services. Dr. Borda is also the Founder of That Place Inc. The Wellness Project (a Non-Profit Organization) that serves counselors, therapists, and other helping professionals in meeting their wellness and self-care needs to avoid burnout. Dr. Borda is a published author and professor, who is currently working on her memoir depicting her time in foster care, and the valiant efforts of those who influenced her. One of the first scholarship recipients of HANDY in 1994, Dr. Borda continues to be inspired by their mission and vision, and seeks to help further their reach to help youths in our community. As such, Dr. Charmaine Borda would like your support to be Prom Queen. With your financial contribution, the HANDY model will continue to support and influence future generations of HANDY scholars. Onward!